Healing a herniated disc by a chiropractor?


What is the real deal with chiropractic for lower back pain, specifically for a herniated disc?

I went for 6 visits with no relief at all. Yet, I see these guys in YouTube apparently working miracles. There is one white haired guy in Texas that seems to cure anybody in one visit.

Is it even possible to get a herniated disc better, for long term by using chiropractors?

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Answer from Greenock Chiropractic Clinic

Disc injuries are one of the most common injuries treated in the chiropractors clinic and with very good success.

There are many factors however such as the size and direction of the disc bulge, is is prolapsed? 

A full series of orthopedic testing along with appropriate imaging would clarify this as not all disc injuries are created equal.

Kind regards, 

Daniel Keane 

Chiropractor Greenock UK